A Japanese van and Highace

A van minor change. A steering of super GL adds super GL-E where the equipment was lost slightly from super GL for wagons. 5 doors were set in the grade, too. The same year, the truck AT car production end. A truck in this way became extinct from a lineup. In addition, a low roof was added to "camper base supermarket long shot" for JRVA (association of Japanese RV) which was the setting only for high roofs member builders and was released until 2004.
I abolish the gasoline-powered car of the wagon taking advantage of release of Alphard. In addition, because all diesel cars do not adapt to a car Nox, PM law enforced in October of the year; in the particular area was not able to purchase it.
The gasoline engine of the van commuter is changed to 1TR-FE of the new development and receives - low exhaust authorization with conformity in regulation in 2001. The sale that stopped at one time is in this way reopened.
The design after the B pillar of the van of this model is misappropriated by Daihatsu delta, Toyota dyna, Toyota Toyo ace, a route van of each Hino Dutro.

About the japanese used cars, such as Hiace van, Hiace wagon and so on.