If choose the Canter; AT or MT

The run is important even to a truck.
Because you ride important baggage and run, you must be particular about stability and speed and the mileage.
I think with a Canter if I purchase it from a run and the mileage and stability, the good made carrier next.
Because the chief candidate is decided on a Canter, this becomes the seductive problem.
This is because there is a considerable kind when I include the latest new model.
I seem to be particular about DUONIC very much and boil Mitsubishi a case of the considerable power and do it.
But I do not have memory that it is too good for the AT car of the truck.
An MT car is more fuel-efficient, and a run feels smooth.
I am troubled, and on investigation it is said that DUONIC realizes energy saving by managing two clutches.
Therefore it is a real run to be interested, but seems to be very popular.
Because AT, neither MT had the feelings in particular, I decided it in choosing the sixth-speed DUONIC not the fifth speed if the mileage and a run were good.